Facility management

Facility management

Do you need a facilitator? We can help you with this. Thanks to our many years of experience, Derksen has a wide network and does a lot of business abroad. We can accompany you or your staff and provide various services, tailored to your organisation’s goals. We ensure that your employees have the right tools and assistance so that they can focus on the primary work process. We maken een planning, organiseren het geheel , geven leiding en controleren.

This service is versatile, but to give you an idea of it, here are some examples:

  • optimise the office environment
  • cost savings for your organisation
  • minimising absenteeism due to illness
  • optimising security
  • give guidance
  • realising expansion
  • taking care of maintenance works

advantages of our facility management

Everything is possible. We ensure that your business can continue to operate carefree. And we have short lines of communication and a broad network.erk.

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facility management

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