Relocation tips

Relocation tips and packing instructions from Derksen Verhuizingen

You have received two sizes of boxes from us:

  1. the moving box, this is a folding box so you do not need to use tape, this is for books (*), stock, glassware, paperwork, CDs/DVDs, folded clothing, linen and other small household items (*) when packing books, do not fill them higher than just below the handles, light items may be packed on top.
  2. A large format box called “barrel”, for which tape is provided to assemble it, it is intended for stuffed animals, children’s toys, board games, quilts, pillows, etc, the box must remain liftable in any case.
    If you carry out the dismantling and assembly work yourself, we also supply you with a spare parts box for the parts that belong to cupboards, beds, etc.

Pack the boxes in such a way that the lid can be closed flat. Then stick a code sticker on the box with the contents and the room or place where the box should go in the new house. Everything that fits in a moving box must also be packed in a box. This improves the speed of loading and unloading on moving day and prevents damage. Make sure that there are as few boxes as possible that are not closed. Small household effects that do not fit in the boxes supplied to you will be packed by the movers.

Crockery, glassware, earthenware and porcelain should be wrapped individually in the wrapping paper provided. Items that can be scratched (silver, copper and brass) should also be packed. Start at the bottom of the box by making a springy layer of balls of paper. Put plates, flat dishes, saucers and glass plates on one side in the box. Fill the holes with balls of paper and use them to even out the bottom layer.

Books and Paper
Pack the books as flat as possible, with the backs against each other. Do not pack books and paper higher than the handles on the box!!!

Kitchen utensils and food
Place the pots and bottles of food in the bottom of the moving box and secure them with balls of paper. The kitchen utensils can be picked up on this. Place heavier kitchen appliances also on the floor. Pack the frying pan without frying fat. This is to prevent the box containing the fryer from leaking and the rest of your inventory from being covered in frying fat. Always put the cleaning items in a separate box. Thinners and petrol can be taken with the moving van, but may not be stored by us (if applicable to your move). Make sure that bottles and jars are properly closed. Indicate on this box what it contains and put: “keep straight”.

Paintings and prints
Pack paintings and prints as close together as possible; you can also wrap them in the wrapping paper provided. Paintings that do not fit in a removal box may be left hanging. We will take care of responsible transport.

Relocation tips

You can pack the smaller plants together in an open box, preferably without an ornamental pot. You can pack the smaller plants together in an open box, preferably without an ornamental pot. Pack plants and ornamental pot in the same box. Protect the ornamental pot with paper. Larger plants go loose in the moving van. Wrap the plants like a florist, in paper

All hanging garments are hung in special wardrobe boxes by the movers on the day of the move and transported hanging. If you dismantle your linen cupboard before the move, the wardrobe boxes can also be delivered in advance. Do not hang ties, belts and empty hangers in the wardrobe box. But packing in a moving box.

Linen, toys and other small household items
You can put these items in the moving box with some packing paper. As far as possible, do it sort by sort and put the contents of one cupboard together: that makes it easier to unpack later.

Garden tools, lumber, etc.
Clean the gardening tools and bundle them where possible. Also make packages and/or bundles from slats/boards and other long objects. Bundling can be done with tape or rope. Beforehand, rid these items of grass, sand and other material.

Washing machine, tumble dryer and cooker
Disconnect and secure in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Blankets, quilts and sleeping bags
You can pack them in the barrels (large boxes).

Depending on the fragility of the furniture, it is either packed in the removal van or in house and sealed if necessary. The furniture is expertly loaded into the moving van by the movers.

Lamps and lampshade
You should always remove the lampshades from the table lamp. Always pack lampshades and feet separately. Lampshades that do not fit in a box are packed by the movers.

Television and audio equipment
For this equipment, you must remove all connections and mountings. If you have kept the original packaging, it is wise to pack the equipment in it, otherwise the movers will provide adequate protection.

Computers and peripherals
Computers, printers, etc. are packed by the movers if the original packaging is not present. However, you must ensure that all equipment has been disconnected and made ready for the move. Back up the files. Please refer to the manual.

Dismantling and assembling furniture
Make a drawing of the wall unit, linen cupboard, bed and other furniture to be dismantled. Put the separate parts for each piece of furniture in a bag and collect them in the parts box. Use the drawing again when assembling.

Storage of your household effects
The most important thing is that everything goes into storage clean and dry. Think also of outdoor goods like garden furniture, statues lighting. Clothing curtains, carpets, wall hangings and everything else made of natural fibres must be stored clean. Give the cooker, fridge and dishwasher an extra clean.

After the move
Pick up the items above the boxes from the paper. If something falls, it falls into the moving box and not on the floor. Put the moving boxes together in an accessible dry place. The used wrapping paper can be disposed of with the waste paper so that it can be recycled. Then call the office of Derksen Verhuizingen and we will make an appointment with you to pick up the boxes as soon as possible (TEL. 026 323 19 01 )

If you have any questions and/or comments, please contact our office. Good luck!

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